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It was slim pickin’s at the thrift store this week!

I searched for over an hour before finally choosing an item.  My camcorder died before I found my item of the week, * totally NOT because it was plugged into the camera but not the WALL*  so you don’t see me actually FIND the item, but you can watch the rest of the shopping trip below. Plus I also show you a few of the other things I have picked up at yard sales and Michael’s recently.

Stay until the end for a cute outtake 😉



This weeks video is a bit different and a bit longer than usual. I explain why in the video, so I won’t go into it here LOL. I also explain why there is no Mixed MEdieology Monday project this week.

This has been an extremely difficult week for me. I was sick all week with a sinus/inner ear thing which I still have not recovered from, my birthday came and went and I was too sick to really enjoy it AND I had ONE OF the worst video editing experiences to date. I think the editing nightmare was compounded by my being sick, but it bothered me so much, I even contemplated not doing videos anymore. Like, at all. Yeah, it was THAT bad.

But enough of that! I am ready to just move on from this week and begin anew with next weeks project!

WOO HOOOOO!!! I DID IT! I FINALLY opened my Etsy shop!!!! You can come take a peek at my goodies if you like 😉

I don’t know if you have ever put things on Etsy or not, but let me tell you, it is TIME CONSUMING! As I got started, I quickly realized that was one of the biiiig things keeping my from setting up shop. It takes FOREVER! LOL

I listed three items today (the same three from last Wednesday’s blog post) and it took me over an hour! Partly because I had NO idea what I was doing, but partly because there is alot of thought involved and I wanted to get the wording for the listing correct.  I’m just glad I finally took that first step and got SOMETHING in my shop.

OK, so on to this weeks friends and family discount listings 😀

All photo’s can be clicked to enlarge.

All prices include shipping within US. International shipping cost will be adjusted.

I’m A Little Tea Pot Mixed Media Painting $7

Hand painted 3 X 3 (inch) canvas with moving 3-D paperclay teapot art doll attached to the front. The doll is made with stamped and molded paperclay pieces that have bee hand painted.  She has tiny hands, a crown and real doll hair.

Quote reads – I’m A Little Tea Pot

You can view the entire painting being made here.


Little Fairy Mixed Media Art Doll $10

This hand sculpted, hand painted  fairy is approximately 3 inches tall. She has a hand painted bodice, a skirt made from fabric and ribbon, hand dyed wool roving hair and real maple tree seed wings.

You can view the full blog post ad video here.


“Ann” Mixed Media Painting $40

11 X 14 canvas with 3D embellishments. Ann is hand drawn and painted with prismacolor pencils, acrylic paint and ink.  Her dress is made from fabric scraps and lace and is embellished with pearl beads. Her necklace is made of glitter and a pink gem. The flowers are hand cut from tea bags and scrapbook paper and have a bead in the center.


Feel free to ask questions about any of the pieces you see here. To purchase any of these pieces, please email me at

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It was a little bit easier to put things up for grabs this week. I hope it will continue to get easier and easier and I really hope I get faster at listing the things in the Etsy store! LOL!

I will see you on Monday for Mixed MEdieology Monday!

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Thrift Shop Thursday! My name is Edie and I will be your tour guide today 🙂

Since I plan on doing a thrift store trip every week, I wanted you to be able to see my whole store and get a feeling of how it is set up. That way when you see me speeding through the store like a maniac, your eyes will hopefully be able to keep up a little better LOL!

This weeks trip is a nice, regular paced, tour of the entire store and the items that I find along the way. You will notice I have a few “SQUIRREL!” moments while in the thrift store, and yes, I AM like that all the time. Ask anyone who knows me.  I am *easily* distracted. If you are unfamiliar with ‘squirrel’ moments, you can see what I mean by watching this clip 🙂

Alrighty then, on to this week’s Thrift Shop Thursday video!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy this series of videos.  I am still learning how to pace it so that the video is not jumping all over the place and making you dizzy. I think next time, I may take my tripod and out it in the buggy instead of carrying the camcorder in my hand the whole time.

Don’t forget to come back on Mixed MEdieology Monday to see what I made using the items I got on this episode of Thrift Shop Thursday.

If you enjoy these trips and my videos, you can subscribe to me on YouTube and follow my blog 🙂

I would love to hear what you have to say, so leave me a comment or ask me a question down below.

See you next time.

Big hugs!!!

Welcome to mixed mEDIEology Monday! Over the next few weeks, I will be making changes to several areas of my online presence including being more consistent with my posts and changing my blog name. The new title of my blog will be mixed mEDIEology and I haven’t decided if I will continue to host my blog here, or if I will have to start an entire new blog. In an effort to make the transition as simple as possible, I will be adding a new post each week with the mixed mEDIEology title.  I will keep you posted on the progress and I will be sure to let you know where I decide to continue the blog!

Each mixed mEDIEology post will be released on Monday’s and they will cover everything from works in progress, entire finished projects and tutorials to cooking projects, shopping trips and product reviews. I also have another surprise to share with you, but you will have to wait for Thursday to see what that is 😉

On to this weeks post…

A few weeks ago, my husband and I converted a small section of our bedroom into an art studio for me. I have been organizing and arranging it little bits at a time ad even though it is not finished, I wanted to take you on a tour and show you my progress. There is a much longer version of this tour already recorded and ready to be edited, but it is seriously almost an hour long! I you would like to see the full, much extended version, leave me a comment and let me know.

I hope you enjoy the tour of my not quite finished studio and I hope it gives you some ideas on how to organize your studio. If you enjoyed the tour or got a great idea, share this post and tell your friends 😉 If you have any questions leave me a comment below and I will answer it.

See you next week!


I L-O-V-E  Pinterest. I love being able to pin all of the awesome things I find on the internet and I love that those pins take me back to the exact spot I originally found it. I could spend HOURS just browsing and being inspired by all of the amazing things people pin. I have boards for art inspiration, health and beauty  and… recipes.

I have been waiting for six months to make one of the recipes I have pinned and with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I was finally going to get my chance to make it! The original pin showed these delicious looking cupcakes that when cut would display a perfect, plump, heart shaped strawberry in the center.


I thought these would be super cute to make for my husband for Valentine’s Day, so I bought the ingredients and got to work. I am a pretty proficient baker and cook and these cupcakes looked pretty simple, so it never occurred to me that there might be specific directions for making these cupcakes or that I would need to follow said directions.

I mixed up the batter, filled my cupcake pan and put a strawberry into the center of each cup before baking.  I baked the cupcakes for 20 minutes and pulled them out of the oven to cool before removing them from the pan. After they cooled for a few minutes, I began moving them to a wire rack to finish cooling and that is when I realized I had done something TERRIBLY wrong.

2013-02-13 19.41.37

Every single strawberry had turned to mush and the entire bottom half of the cupcakes were slimy and falling apart! That is when it dawned on me that when you put strawberries in the oven…. THEY COOK!!!! We didn’t dare eat the first batch. I just threw them away and RAN to my pinterest board to find the directions!

I found the recipe and immediately realized where I had gone wrong. You are supposed to bake the cupcakes FIRST and THEN you cut a hole in the center and fill it with a strawberry…….. DUH!

2013-02-13 20.48.51

I made a second batch, following the directions and got MUCH better results. Still not like the photo I saw on Pinterest, but waaaaaaaaaay better than my first attempt!  🙂

2013-02-14 18.15.54

I love Pinterest but I also LOVE Pintrosity.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pintrosity, it is a site for people (like me) who attempt to make or do things we see on Pinterest but FAIL miserably. We share our flops and fizzles on the Pintrosity site and we don’t feel so alone in our disastrous endeavors. Plus it is a great way for people (like me) to help other’s not make the same mistakes! I think this DEFINITELY qualifies as a Pintrosity super fail!

Her are a few tips I discovered along the way.

1) Bake the cupcakes BEFORE adding the strawberries!

2) Let the cupcakes cool COMPLETELY before carving the hole in the center.

3) Try to make your strawberries look as much like a heart as you can before inserting them into the cupcakes. I cut the tops off in a V shape to achieve the heart effect.

4) Try to place all of the strawberries into the cupcakes facing the same direction and try to keep them facing that direction as you frost them, that way when you cut into them, you have the best chance of getting the heart shape.

If you have any Pinterest success or big fat failure stories, I would love to hear them 🙂 Leave me a comment and tell me all about it. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

NOTE TO SELF – Next time, check for directions BEFORE attempting to do anything you see on Pinterest!

See you all next time.



I can not believe it is already December!!!! This year has flown by and the Holiday Season is now upon us. With the holiday season comes gift giving, decorating and crafting!

With that in mind I have created a BRAND NEW CLASS “Mixed Media For The Holidays” and it is now available!
In the class, I teach you how to make three holiday projects that will help you in all of your decorating, crafting and gift giving endeavors. There is even a bonus lesson for an extra embellishment 😉
All of the projects are made using simple, common household items and inexpensive crafty supplies!
After finishing the projects for my class, I was on a Holiday crafting roll and I liked these simple little ornaments so much, I decided to enter them in the Art Bead Scene Blog Hop! You will find the entire blog roll at the bottom of this post. Be sure to go check out all of the awesome projects!

I was able to create the base for these TEN ornaments in less than 10 minutes using the technique I am sharing with you today. These ornaments are so simple, fast and stress free, you will be able to produce a handful of them before the holiday cookies finish baking in the oven!

These ornaments are perfect for teacher’s gifts, class projects, family crafting, art swaps, unexpected visitors, all of those people you would like to get something for but just don’t have the money, your mail carrier, vet, favorite coffee barista and the list goes on and on!!!!

Simply roll out some Delight®, Creative Paperclay® or polymer clay of your choice. Brush a stamp with water and tap off the excess. Press the stamp into the clay and cut into desired shapes! Simple, simple, simple 🙂 You could even use cookie cutters instead of a straight blade to give your ornaments even more personality.

Paint, embellish and glitterfy to your hearts content and then share them with everyone you know.
A great idea would be to have these hanging on a wreath designated for visitors. As they leave, they can choose an ornament to take home and display.

I hope you enjoy this project and I hope it helps to make your holiday season just a little less stressful.
BIG, BIG Hugs!!!!!!

You can always find inspiration on the Creative Paperclay® Blog.

You can learn more about my Mixed Media for the Holidays Class at


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