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Happy Earth Day!!!!!!

I try to be as kind to the Earth as I can every day, which is one of the reasons I love upcycling and repurposing items in my art. Not only is today Earth Day, but it is Mixed MEdieology Monday, which means I get to share one of those art projects with you 😀

This weeks project is an upcycled bracelet. I found a bag of plastic bracelets at the thrift store this week and I flipped one of them to create a beautiful, one of a kind accessory.


I covered the bracelet in book pages that had been colored with Distress Inks. While that was drying, I added alcohol inks to an old piece of broken costume jewelery and filled the center with glitter. The quote ‘Sparkle Forever’ just happened to be on the book page I used, so I knew it was meant to be the focal point of the piece. I laid a quote on top of the glitter and sealed it with Glossy Accents. There were a few spots of the original pink bracelet that did not get covered with the book pages, so I added a bit of glitter to those areas as well. Finally, I attached the charm to the bracelet with E-6000.

I wore this bracelet when I went out yesterday and I got several compliments on it. I see more of these in my future 🙂

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I will see you on Thursday with more thrift store finds!


After two weeks of being sick and 11 straight days of laryngitis, I am finally feeling more like my self and I have be back in my studio creating and finishing several projects.

One of the projects I was able to complete is the Steampunk Mask that I started a couple of weeks ago. I found this mask at the thrift store and I *immediately* knew what I was going to do to it! You can follow the full journey of the mask by watching the Thrift Shop Thursday video and then the Steampunk Mask Part 1 video.

Just to reacap, I sanded the entire mask and gave it a coat of black craft paint. I molded a TON of gears with resin and painted all of them black as well. This weeks video shows you everything I did after that 🙂


I painted the mask with gold paint and painted all of the gears with various metallic paints. I embossed a piece of metal tape with an embossing folder and then painted it with a few washed of black paint and water. I tore the metal tape into random pieces and stuck them to the mask.

Finally, I added a couple of layers of gears, a spring and a miniature lightbulb with E-6000.

The mask already has a small gold hook on the top, so this is perfect for hanging. I totally LOVE this project, so I haven’t decided if I want to offer it for sale or keep it for myself!

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I am soooooo excited about this weeks project!!!!  I am altering the mask I found at the thrift store last week and it is looking SO friggin’ cool!

I found this mask on last week’s Thrift Shop Thursday and I knew immediately that it was going to have a steampunk theme. I haven’t done a steampunk project in several months, so I am more than ready to get my gears a movin’.

This is going to be a long, multi-step project, and therefor it is taking more than just a couple of days to complete. I have already spent over four hours working on it and all I have to show for my time is a coat of black paint!

I sanded the mask to rough it up and get rid of the shine, then I applied a coat of gesso to the entire thing.Once it was dry, I gave the entire mask a coat of black craft paint.

Next, I went though my box of ephemera and pulled out everything that called to me. I knew I didn’t own near enough gears and accessories to create the look I envisioned, and I wouldn’t want to use all of my ephemera on one project even if I did!

I used Amazing Mold Putty to mold everything I wanted to make duplicates of and then cast all of my items using Amazing Casting Resin. Once I was happy with my pile of bits and bobs, I gave everything a coat of black craft paint.

That is as far as I have gotten so far! I will continue to work on the mask throughout the week and I will upload the video once it is finished.

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Until then,

Big Hugs!!!!!


Hello and welcome to the Creative Paperclay and Amazing Mold Putty Blog Hop!!!!! We have got a ton of amazing Halloween/Fall projects to share with you and some very sweet blog candy to give away!

For your chance to win some tasty blog candy, simply look at each blog in the hop, then visit the Amazing Mold Putty Blog and vote for your favorite. We will have three prizes and THREE winners! The prizes up for grabs are – one Package of Creative Paperclay, one small box of Amazing Mold Putty and one box of Amazing Casting Resin. The Design Team member who’s project gets the most votes will also win a prize, so I reeeeeeeally hope you will vote for me ;D

You will notice a little blue faced linky guy at the bottom of this post. If you click on him you will find the entire list of blogs in the hop. Be sure to visit each blog and don’t forget to vote for your favorite (meeeee!) project.

This blog hop is sure to get your creative juices flowing, so sit back, grab a cup of hot cider and enjoy the hop 😀

I picked up this set of fabulous steampunk owl stickers and I knew I wanted to use them in my project. I molded the largest owl in the pack using my Amazing Mold Putty and because I had extra space around the sticker, I added a few other little goodies in there while I was at it.

Once my mold was set, I used Creative Paperclay to make my owl. After my owl was completely dry, I painted all of his features and the gears with acrylic paint.

I laid a few pieces of cheesecloth on a 4 X 6 canvas and painted my background. Before the paint was set, I removed the cheesecloth, leaving behind some fabulous texture! That texture became the tree for my owl, as well as a second tree in the background.

I painted the moon and added a clock stamp to the center, then I glued my owl into place using clear tacky glue.

I love using Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay® together because you can remake anything you can mold. I hope you like this project and don’t forget to vote for me when you get to the Amazing Mold Putty Blog ;D

Enjoy the rest of the HOP!

A few weeks ago I found an little, armless, vintage doll at a yard sale. I brought her home and stuck her in my box of ephemera to await her chance to be molded.

I had never made a two part mold before and to be honest, I was kind of intimidated by the whole idea. I was worried about it leaking, not lining up properly and just not turning out right in general. Thank goodness Amazing Mold Putty has fantastic tutorials on their website, because my first two part mold turned out FANTASTIC! I followed the instructions I had seen on the site and it was sooooo simple!

You can view the full (time lapse) video tutorial below or you can view the full (real time) Ustream episode full of tips and viewer questions and answers.

I made the first half of my mold, covered the front side of my doll, making sure to stop at the seam line. While it was still moldable, I used the end of a paint brush to create markers on the outside edge. This will help to ensure my mold lines up properly every time. I let the first half set completely before moving on.

I gave the seam line and all of the nooks and crannies a coat of Vaseline, but you can use what ever mold release you like. It is extremely important to cover ALL of the areas the Amazing Mold Putty might connect because it will adhere to it’s self. I mixed up the second half of my mold and covered the back side of my doll, making sure to push the Putty into all of the earlier mentioned nooks and crannies 😉

Once my mold was completely set, I removed my original doll and started preparing my mold for casting. I knew I would be using this mold with Amazing Casting Resin and the Amazing Clear cast, so I cut some little vents in the bottom to allow air bubbles escape.

I wrapped a rubber band around the mold, put it upside down in a cup and added paper around the bottom to hold the mold upright. Next, I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin, poured it into my little air holes and let it set.

Even though  it is not technically a ‘Frozen Charlotte” doll, that is what my cast doll reminded me of and I  ♪♫LOVE♪♫  it!

I trimmed away the excess resin (do this BEFORE the item is completely set) and sanded her in a few spots. Amazing casting Resin is basically a hard, shiny plastic, so I gessoed my cast doll before I painted her.

I mixed some gum arabic into my PearlEx powder for a binder and added water to create my base paint, then I used Iridescent Pearl craft paint on  her face, belly and legs for highlight.

I created the wings with a piece of transparency paper. I painted on a basic wing shape for a guide, then I cut two pieces of wire and super glued them into place. For the outline of the wings I added a line of glue and sprinkled on some blue microbeads. I painted the inside of her wings with copper acrylic craft pain and tapped the paint for texture. Once the paint was dry I stamped them with Distress Ink. I made little holes in the wings by pushing a lit incense stick thought the transparency sheet. I love how these wings turned out and I plan on using them on another project that allows them to stick out 😀  I got the basic idea for these wings from Terri Sproul and you can see what she did here.

While that was drying I worked on the background canvas. I painted an 8 X 10 canvas board with black craft paint. I then stamped it with archival ink and embossed the stamped images with black embossing powder. Lastly, I attached the wings and the doll to the canvas with E-6000 glue.

Even though she isn’t a “Frozen Charlotte”, she’s still Charlotte to me 🙂

You can view more tips and ideas on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog.

I love Spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and everything seems fresh and new.  The Earth comes alive again after a long sleep and anything seems possible.

In honor of Spring, I wanted to capture that feeling and give it a bit of a steampunk twist and Leslie Rahye’s Hippity Steampunk Easter Blog Hop  was just the motivation I needed 😀

To check out the rest of the blogs on this hop just click the little linky blinky’s at the bottom of the page! 😀

Since it’s an Easter Blog Hop, you have a chance to win some pretty sweet blog candy! VISIT, COMMENT AND FOLLOW EVERY blog in the hop for your chance to win. Up for grabs – a $15 gift card to Cut N Paste Memories!!!

*NOTE* The blog hop actually takes place on April 6,2012. I have a design team post that is due that day, so I am posting mine early. Be sure to visit EACH blog on the hop ON FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2012 FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE BLOG CANDY!!!

While my project is not technically “Easter” themed, Easter is in Spring so it works. (That’s my story and I stickin’ to it!)

I created this totally friggin’ AWESOME steampunk flower using Creative Paperclay® and one key piece of actual hardware. (Tutorial below)

I created the stem over a wire armature and I added this brass connector thingy to the end. I also cast a bolt from Creative Paperclay® and popped that into the center forming the pistil. That’s the fancy, scientific word for the center of the flower.  I Googled it 😀

I mixed sand and glue together, poured it into my terracotta flower pot, added the stem and packed the sand tightly around the flower so it would be nice and stable once dry.

I cut leaf shapes out of Creative Paperlcay® and embossed the leaves using the Cuttlebug gears embossing folder. I then shaped the leaves and set them aside to dry.

I glued the petals in place, stamped the flower pot using a Viva Las VegaStamps!®  gear stamp and painted the flower and sand with acrylic craft paints.

I adore this project and I hope you like it too. Happy Spring!!!  😀

I am so excited to be part of Leslie Rahye’s Very Steampunk Valentine blog hop!!!! This is my first time joining one of her hops, but it definitely won’t be my last.

If you’re not sure how a blog hop works, all you have to do is visit, follow and comment on EACH blog in the hop.  You will find a complete list at the bottom of this post that will lead you to each of the other bloggers on the hop. If you like steampunk, you will LOVE all of these projects! Oh, and did I mention there is blog candy??? Each blogger has something to give away, so you will have LOTS of chances to win!

I will be giving away a 15 piece set of molded Creative Paperclay® gears just like the ones used in this project. The winner will receive THREE large gears that have been embossed using the Cuttlebug “clockworks”  embossing folder, PLUS a set of TWELVE small gears in different shapes and sizes. All of the pieces will be left plain so you can paint and embellish them any way you want!  I will choose a winner at random and announce it here on February 15, 2012. Here is a close up of the ones I used in my project so you can see what you could win.

I am often inspired by music. It can be the words, the melody or even the images I see in my head as the song plays. This project was inspired by the song “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton. It’s a sweet little love song and I adore the sentiment.

This project combines Creative Paperclay®, Amazing Mold Putty, Terri Sproul’s Mixers and Viva Las Vegas stamps. You can view the full video tutorial below!

I hope you enjoy this project as well as all of the other projects on the blog hop! Don’t forget to visit, follow and comment of each of the other blogs for your chance to win some SWEET blog candy!

Click HERE for the full blog roll!

Here is the full video tutorial for what I did 😀