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OK, so, you know how much I love Pinterest, right?

I am always inspired by things I see on there and am getting more and more addicted every day. I have started following more boards and more people and I am seeing sooooo many brilliant ideas!

One of those ideas was a change purse I saw several months ago and I have been searching for a change purse of my own to alter every since. The original photo was of a vintage coin purse and when you opened it up, it had this full set of top and bottom teeth hiding inside and it looked AWESOME!!!! The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to make one of my own.

Every time I went to any thrift store or yard sale, I was on the look out for a change purse with just the right shape for the mouth. I finally found one on the last episode of Thrift Shop Thursday and I was sooooo excited! I had this vision of a creepy maw hidden in the depths of an unassuming coin purse and I had every intention of using it to really carry my money in. I just KNEW it would be awesome and that it would spark endless conversations! What I ended up with was something QUITE different.

2013-07-01 11.21.39
*Que old timey horn blower – whah whah whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh* ;P

You can view the full video tutorial below.

While this is still totally cute, it is soooooo not what I had envisioned. I wanted creepy, dripping, vicious, scary-ass-clown-from-IT-teeth…….. instead, I ended up with chunky, funny, Cousin-Eddie-from-the-backwoods-Bucky-Bunny-teeth. And let me tell you why……..

*Normally* when I start a project, I lose myself in it. I can spend hours or even DAYS on one project and I make sure every little detail is perfect before moving on.  (Have I ever told you that I am a perfectionist who is still trying to be ok with her inner messy?????) However, I currently do not have the time I need to devote to any project that I want spectacular results from. My mother in law is visiting for a month, Christopher is out of school, it was 4th of July week  AND my husband had the whole week off work.


So anyway, I went into my studio with these grand plans for making these freakishly fabulous teeth and sticking them into this sweet, innocent little change purse. As soon as I started shaping the clay it began…

“Ma, where’s this?”

“Babe, blah, blah. blah”

“Ma, can I do so-and-so?”

“Babe, we need blankity blank”

“Edie, can you help me with this thing here?”

You get the picture.

Needless to say, within an hour, I just wanted to get these damn teeth made and stuck into the damn purse. I won’t even go into the details of how the top and bottom jaw would not fit together properly no matter what I did or how the bottom jaw broke completely the fuck in half! I mean seriously, how is it that all of our teeth can fit in our mouth and it still closes?????

So what would have normally taken me several hours to complete, still took me several hours to complete, but I wasn’t actually working on the project for all of those hours.

And there you have it. I have already decided that I am going to pull these teeth back out and redo the ENTIRE thing….. in SEPTEMBER ….. when SCHOOL is back in session and my house is empty during the day!!!!

End Rant.

I will be back on Thursday with a brand new episode of Thrift Shop Thursday! Please like, subscribe and share!!!!


31 Days of Halloween – Day 15

Today’s post was two and a half months in the making, but I think it was well worth all of the time, effort, restarts, errors and triumphs!

Elphaba is a 3ft tall mixed media art doll and she was inspired by the play “Wicked.”  Her pose is from “Defying Gravity.”

You can view the full video walk through below.

She started as a wire armature covered in aluminum foil, then I sculpted her entire body using Creative Paperclay®.  Her hair is individual sections of wool roving.

Her dress and hat are both handmade using fabric scraps, ribbon and lace.

Her base was made using a wire armature, covered in masking tape, covered in Spackle, covered in MORE masking tape. I painted and stamped inside the base, then I added chipboard gears and stitched in the chipboard clock.

There is even a light up inside her base that shines down on everything inside.

The flying monkey is a hand sculpted polymer clay face with a Creative Paperclay® body.

The shoes are plastic cake toppers coated in fine, iridescent glitter.

The crystal ball is a clear glass Christmas ball that has been painted with layers of glaze and alcohol ink. The base was once a candle holder that I painted black, then I created the holder with an old earring.

The Grimmorie is a wooden block from a stamp that I covered in tissue paper and painted.

The green glass bottle was also painted with layers of glaze, then I added a glitter flourish and alcohol inks to distress it.

I am very proud of how she turned out. I never thought in a million years that *I* would be able to create something like this.

Elphaba is for sale, so if you are interested in purchasing her you can leave me a comment and I will get you my email address.

You can always find my work and lots of free and paid classes on Things Crafty and Polymer Clay Productions 🙂

You can also find inspiration on the Creative Paperclay blog.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!

This painting has gone through several transformations. You can view one of those transformations on my Ustream broadcast. I transformed her from a hot mess into a tree, but she still didn’t feel finished. I put the painting away for a couple of months because i was not inspired to finish her.
One day while looking through my drawers of ephemera, I found some faux fall leaves and my inspiration was sparked again! I added the the leaves and FINALLY finished this painting. You can watch the final stages below.
I finally feel like she is finished and I very happy with the end result 🙂

You can always find tons of arty/crafty inspiration on the Things Crafty website!!!

To order a Hocus Pocus Spell Book Replica, please email me at Thank you!


Hocus Pocus is one of my all time FAVORTIE movies! We watch it every Halloween without fail and someday I WILL make one of those witch costumes.

Christopher and I decided to watch Hocus Pocus last week and I made the offhand comment that we should make Book. Before I had even finished the sentence, technique ideas flooded my brain and I exclaimed “We should make BOOK!!!!”

So… we did!

You can view the video with a full picture tutorial below.

Thank the Spirits for HDTV and a pause button! I have scrutinized this book for days and tried to get every detail as close as I possibly could.

I found the perfect book to alter at my local thrift store. I thinned some of the pages and hollowed the middle of the book.

Next I started sculpting. I made the first knotted snake on a base using polymer clay. I started making the second snake but it was not tuning out as good as the first, so after some mental debating, I decided it would be much better to have a mold. I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty® and created a mold for my knotted snakes. Since Amazing Mold Putty is oven safe, I was able to fire my polymer clay right in the mold which helped a lot! I made the two long snakes and the basic eyeball shape, also using polymer clay then fired them all in the oven for about an hour.

While the snakes were baking, I started working on the spine of the book. I sculpted the fingers with polymer clay, then I debated on how to fire them. If I pulled them off of the book, I risked ruining the shape and fit. If I left them on the book, I risked setting my house on fire. I decided a more precise replica was worth the risk, do after much dowsing with water, I put the book in the oven.

The original Book has an intricate clasp, with a circlet around the eyeball on the front, an animal claw on the back and a braided piece connecting them in the middle. I needed the clasp to be sturdy and hold up to regular wear and tear, so back to the polymer clay I went. I created the circlet and added a gem on the end. I had to make sure if fit exactly around the eye, yet still leave room for the stitches. Once that was finished, I sculpted the animal claw for the back, again leaving room for the stitches. I added tiny hinges to each piece, and then created the connecting braid to fit. All of the pieces were fired then painted with a coat of black, then layers of metallic silver to create the look of aged metal.

The next step was adding the stitches. I decided to use Creative Paperclay® instead of polymer for the stitches because I really didn’t want to have to bake the book two more times. I added Paperclay logs, and then sculpted the cuts and thread holes with a tool.

I painted the eyeball and attached it to the cover of the book, then using more Creative Paperclay® I sculpted the eye lids and creases of the eye.

I needed to create the look of skin, so I covered the entire book with layers of tissue paper until I reached the desired look. Next came three coats of paint in flesh tones and titan buff, and that was just the under painting!

I still needed to darken and age the book, so I created several different washes of brown paint and just layered it on until I was happy with the color and look of the book.

While the cover was drying, I painted all of the large pieces, first with a coat of black, then layers of metallic silver to match the clasp. I made the base plates for the long snakes by embossing chipboard, then painting them to match the other pieces.

The stitching was the trickiest part for me because no matter what thread I used, nothing looked right and everything kept raveling. It wasn’t until I tried using help cord that I got the look I wanted. I spent four and a half hours cutting and gluing each individual thread on the book.

Once everything was set and dry, I glued all of the large pieces to the book using E-6000. I let it set for a full 24 hours before moving on to the final step.

For the finishing touch, I added actual spells from the movie to the front of the book. I printed my pages, soaked them in a tea bath for aging, and then glued them in using gel medium. I had left a few original book pages in the front of the book, so I glued one spell page to the front and back of each of those pages.

And so, after five days of pretty steady work, that is how BoooOOOooook came to life  😀

I love, love, LOVE the way Book turned out and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. You can see more photos in the video slideshow below.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

I have decided to make and sell these replicas, as well as the eyeballs, so if you are interested in purchasing one, feel free to email me at

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the project I am working on. I hope to finish it tomorrow and post a full picture tutorial by Wednesday!
Take a look! *wink*