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New Etsy Shop – NOW OPEN and New Items Up For Grabs this Week

Posted on: March 9, 2013

WOO HOOOOO!!! I DID IT! I FINALLY opened my Etsy shop!!!! You can come take a peek at my goodies if you like 😉

I don’t know if you have ever put things on Etsy or not, but let me tell you, it is TIME CONSUMING! As I got started, I quickly realized that was one of the biiiig things keeping my from setting up shop. It takes FOREVER! LOL

I listed three items today (the same three from last Wednesday’s blog post) and it took me over an hour! Partly because I had NO idea what I was doing, but partly because there is alot of thought involved and I wanted to get the wording for the listing correct.  I’m just glad I finally took that first step and got SOMETHING in my shop.

OK, so on to this weeks friends and family discount listings 😀

All photo’s can be clicked to enlarge.

All prices include shipping within US. International shipping cost will be adjusted.

I’m A Little Tea Pot Mixed Media Painting $7

Hand painted 3 X 3 (inch) canvas with moving 3-D paperclay teapot art doll attached to the front. The doll is made with stamped and molded paperclay pieces that have bee hand painted.  She has tiny hands, a crown and real doll hair.

Quote reads – I’m A Little Tea Pot

You can view the entire painting being made here.


Little Fairy Mixed Media Art Doll $10

This hand sculpted, hand painted  fairy is approximately 3 inches tall. She has a hand painted bodice, a skirt made from fabric and ribbon, hand dyed wool roving hair and real maple tree seed wings.

You can view the full blog post ad video here.


“Ann” Mixed Media Painting $40

11 X 14 canvas with 3D embellishments. Ann is hand drawn and painted with prismacolor pencils, acrylic paint and ink.  Her dress is made from fabric scraps and lace and is embellished with pearl beads. Her necklace is made of glitter and a pink gem. The flowers are hand cut from tea bags and scrapbook paper and have a bead in the center.


Feel free to ask questions about any of the pieces you see here. To purchase any of these pieces, please email me at

Please share this post with your friends!

It was a little bit easier to put things up for grabs this week. I hope it will continue to get easier and easier and I really hope I get faster at listing the things in the Etsy store! LOL!

I will see you on Monday for Mixed MEdieology Monday!


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