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31 Days of Halloween – Day 31
It’s finally here!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I have missed the last few days of my 31 days of Halloween series, but doctor’s appointments, Birthday parties, hurricanes and pet issues have taken up much of my time.
For today’s post I wanted to share the cake I made for Christopher’s 12th Birthday party.
He had a Halloween themed party and I made him a coffin birthday cake.

From start to finish, the cake took me about 7.5 hours of solid work, spread out over three days. You can watch the full video tutorial below.

The party was a huge success and Christopher loved the cake. I am really proud of how it turned out, especially since it was my first adventure with fondant!

I will be posting photos from Halloween and the finished Witch King costume in the next few days.
Have a Happy Halloween!!!!!!!





31 Days of Halloween – Day 17

Today’s post was inspired by a picture I saw on Facebook. The picture was of a girl walking down the street with a drawstring bag hanging from her wrist. The bag looked as if it was carrying a severed head because there was a face protruding from the inside out. As soon as I saw it, I KNEW I had to make one!

You can watch the video walk through below.


The outside of the bag is burlap and the lining is green cotton. I created my pattern and sewed the outer bag and lining bag separately.

I added more prominent features to a paper mache’ mask that I had by adding paperclay to the lips, cheeks and nose.

I inserted the face in between the outer bag and liner and glued it into place. I stitched the top of the bag and added champagne colored ribbon for the drawstring.

I have to admit I am thrilled with how it turned out and I LOVE the looks I get when I carry it around. It is a full size purse and since I sewed it on the sewing machine, it is extremely sturdy.

If you are interested in purchasing a head in a bag, please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!


I know I have missed the past couple of days in my 31 Days of Halloween series, but I am back today and I have some really good news to share with you!

I was selected once again to be part of the Creative Paperclay® Design Team!!!

For the next six months, I will be posting at least two posts per month using Creative Paperclay® I LOVE this stuff and I am SOOO happy to be back on the team 😀

For today’s 31 Days Of Halloween – Day 20 post I want to reshare my Creative Paperclay Design Team application post from last year. It  is the  Halloween Village that Christopher and I made together. You can see lots of photos and a video in the full original post.

See you tomorrow!!!!!

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 17

I am still working on Christopher’s Halloween costume. For today’s post I wanted to show a quick updated photo of where I am at on the helmet.

I added the thorns and once they are dry I will paint them to match the rest of the crown.

That is all for today.
See you tomorrow!!!!!

31 Days of Halloween – Day 15

Today’s post was two and a half months in the making, but I think it was well worth all of the time, effort, restarts, errors and triumphs!

Elphaba is a 3ft tall mixed media art doll and she was inspired by the play “Wicked.”  Her pose is from “Defying Gravity.”

You can view the full video walk through below.

She started as a wire armature covered in aluminum foil, then I sculpted her entire body using Creative Paperclay®.  Her hair is individual sections of wool roving.

Her dress and hat are both handmade using fabric scraps, ribbon and lace.

Her base was made using a wire armature, covered in masking tape, covered in Spackle, covered in MORE masking tape. I painted and stamped inside the base, then I added chipboard gears and stitched in the chipboard clock.

There is even a light up inside her base that shines down on everything inside.

The flying monkey is a hand sculpted polymer clay face with a Creative Paperclay® body.

The shoes are plastic cake toppers coated in fine, iridescent glitter.

The crystal ball is a clear glass Christmas ball that has been painted with layers of glaze and alcohol ink. The base was once a candle holder that I painted black, then I created the holder with an old earring.

The Grimmorie is a wooden block from a stamp that I covered in tissue paper and painted.

The green glass bottle was also painted with layers of glaze, then I added a glitter flourish and alcohol inks to distress it.

I am very proud of how she turned out. I never thought in a million years that *I* would be able to create something like this.

Elphaba is for sale, so if you are interested in purchasing her you can leave me a comment and I will get you my email address.

You can always find my work and lots of free and paid classes on Things Crafty and Polymer Clay Productions 🙂

You can also find inspiration on the Creative Paperclay blog.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!

31 Days of Halloween – Day 14

For today’s post I wanted to share another mixed media Day of the Dead painting I did last year.

This is a graphite sketch on watercolor paper that I attached to my canvas with matte medium.

The back ground was made with red, black and white acrylic paints, then drizzled with red and black tinted string gel.

The rose is a graphite sketch that I painted then turned into a gel medium image transfer.


See you tomorrow!!!!

31 Days of Halloween – Day 13

Today Christopher and I attended Monsterfest, a one day convention celebrating all things monster, and it was a BLAST!

There were monster movies, monster books and monster costumes of all kinds.

Christopher was dressed as a Ring Wraith (from Lord of the Rings)


And I was just having a really bad day.

I won third place in the costume contest and got a really great goodie bag filled with Halloween decorations, monster figures and monster movies 😀

Monsterfest was also my first time as a vender at an event so I was extremely happy when I sold some of my art 😀

Today was a VERY good day. See you tomorrow!