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Mixed Media Altered Mannequin Head

Posted on: September 25, 2012

It’s Tuesday!!! And that can only mean one thing… Tuesday Schmoozeday on Things Crafty 😀
I started this piece on my LIVE show today, but I didn’t have enough time to finish her, so I figured I would write up a little post and explain what I did after the show.

You can watch the first hour of the process here. You must be a member of the Tuesday Schmoozeday Group to watch the show. It is simple and free to join, plus we have tons of great FREE and paid classes for you to enjoy!

To recap – I got this mannequin head at a craft swap I attended a few weeks ago. I gave her a solid coat of black paint, then covered her in 4 inch (ish) wide strips of cheesecloth using clear tacky glue. I pressed the cheesecloth into the crevasses of her face, then added a few tattered pieces of cheesecloth for hair.

I needed to let the glue dry a bit, so I moved on to her neck. I added a candy cane stripe of black grosgrain ribbon and an second candy cane stripe of black and white satin ribbon all the way down her neck.

Next, I added some black glitter to the tips of a few cheapy black roses before gluing them into her hair. That was all I was able to get finished during my one hour live show.


After the show I strung several loops of pearl trim around her neck and glued them into place on various spots on her neck. I made the loops all different sizes to add interest.

I also added a few more flower petals to fill in some of the empty spots on the roses in her hair.

After the glue was dry, I began working on her face. I created her lips and a triangular nose shape with clear tacky glue and sprinkled on a heavy amount of black glitter. Next, I drew circles around her eyes with the glue and covered that in glitter as well. I also coated an acrylic stamp with a thin layer of glue, stamped her forehead and lightly covered that with glitter. I think I may want to go back and re-do that spot because I want to be able to see the design better.

For the finishing touch, I pulled out some “real” fake eyelashes that I have for art dolls and gave them two coats of white craft paint. Next, I brushed them with clear tacky glue and then sprinkled on some clear, iridescent microbeads. I used crystal lacquer to glue them into place on her eyes.

I am sooooooo happy with her! I have a few more of these blank mannequin heads and I can’t WAIT to alter another one!!!!!!

I will be sure to share any future heads with all of you 😀

I wasn’t going to add this photo, but I just love the way her hair is blowing in the breeze here LOL!


7 Responses to "Mixed Media Altered Mannequin Head"

Oh Edie she turned out FREAKIN Awesome!Love her and thank you for the fun class this am!

Sweet!! Very Day of the Dead looking to me. 🙂

OMG.. I LOVE HER!!!!! You did a great job. She looks awesome and spooky and wonderful and and so much more…..

So cute – love it! 🙂

she is great! I love her eyes… x

Love her hair blowing in the wind! lol Great job Edie!

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