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Exciting News and Corn Dollies

Posted on: August 5, 2012

I have a great project and some very exciting news to share with you today 😀
I was selected to be part of the Things Crafty Design team *AND* I will also be on their PolymerClayProductions Design Team!!!!!


Lammas was a few days ago and as part of our celebration, Christopher and I made corn dollies. I have seen several good blog posts with written directions, but finding a good video tutorial was a bit more difficult, so I decided to make one 🙂

You can view the full video tutorial below.

All you need are some corn husks, cotton balls and twine. It is also a good idea to have a second pair of hands, which makes this the perfect family activity.

***NOTE*** Your corn husks MUST be soft or else they will crack and break. I used fresh corn husks, but you can always soak dried corn husks for 15-20 minutes before working with them. Also, be sure to remove the ‘woody’ ends from the husks to make them easier to work with.

We made small corn dollies, but the size can easily be adjusted by adding more corn husks and cotton balls. For our dolls we used two cotton balls and one corn husk for the head. Place the cotton balls in the center of the corn husk, fold the husk over and tie with twine to create the head.

To make the arms, roll and fold another corn husk and tie the ends with twine to create hands. Insert the arms into the body and tie twine around the waist to secure them in place.

Wrap the flat edge of 6-8 corn husks around the waste line of your dolly. Make sure the pointy end of the husk is laying towards her head. Wrap more twine around her waist and tie it tightly, then gently fold the husks back over the twine to form the skirt. You can also create a male doll by splitting the skirt into two legs and tying twine at the bottom for feet  🙂

You can embellish your corn dolly with corn husk accessories, paint, markers or anything else you can imagine! Christopher made his dolly a warrior with a sword and shield.

We make corn dollies every year and save them for all of our harvest celebrations. They are the perfect table top decorations because they can be grouped together or with pumpkins and gourds and they also fit perfectly into flower arrangements.

I love making these little dolls and I hope you enjoy it too!

You can always find a TON of craft ideas at Things Crafty! They have everything from sewing and knitting to mixed media art and jewelery making.


I would love to hear what you have to say. Leave me a comment :)

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