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Num Num Monster

Posted on: July 4, 2012

Last week in my Art of Healthy Living Group on Facebook, we were talking about hunger and intense cravings during weight loss. During that conversation it was said that at certain times, it is like a ‘num num monster’ takes over complete control of your mind and makes you eat whether you are hungry or not!

Since I am using art as a means to work through the emotional side of my weight loss journey, I decided to create my num num monster out of Delight® clay in an attempt to regain the control it seems to steal from me on occasion.

You can view the full video tutorial below.

First, I created my basic monster shape using aluminum foil, then I rolled out my Delight® air dry modeling material, covered the entire body and set it aside to dry completely.

Next, I began shaping the feet of my monster with Delight. I cut spaces between the toes and shaped them before using a cuticle pusher to create the toenails.

Once the body and feet were dry, I gave everything a coat of purple craft paint. Next, I used red and blue metallic craft paint and dabbed spots all over my monster’s body.

I used tacky glue and two small pieces of wire to attach the feet to the body.

While the glue and paint were drying I started working on the mouth of my monster. I imagined my num num monster to look all cute and fluffy, until it’s opens it’s mouth!  I shaped another piece of Delight® clay into a rounded triangle, then using some small tools, I placed individual teeth in my monster’s mouth. Delight® easily sticks to it’s self with a little bit of water, so I kept the mouth and the teeth moist while I worked.

Once the mouth was dry I painted the inside with metallic red and the outside with metallic peridot. Delight® is a bright white clay, so I didn’t have to fuss with painting those tiny, little teeth. I also gave my monster’s toenails a coat of the metallic peridot while I was at it.

While that was drying, I began working on the next part of the project. I took an old, ratty, Halloween wig and cut a section of hair off the back off of the wig. I sprayed the hair with homemade, red spray ink then separated the clump of hair into smaller sections. Next, I took a couple of the smaller sections and sprayed them with homemade, blue spray ink. It helps to work the paint into the hair a little bit before it dries.

Once the hair was dry, I used tacky glue to attach the mouth and sprigs of hair all over the monster.

I’m very happy with the way my monster turned out and I feel like bringing that negative aspect of my weight loss journey to light will help give me a little more control over my cravings and unhealthy eating in the future.

If you would like support on your weight loss journey, feel free to join my Art of Healthy Living Group on Facebook.

You can always find great ideas and projects on the Creative Paperclay® blog.


2 Responses to "Num Num Monster"

i love YOUR MONSTER. Hope it helps with your weight loss journey!

OMG I LOVE Him!!!! His feet and toes are so darn cute. Now I have to get some of that clay and try it.

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