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Amazing Versatility!

Posted on: June 22, 2012

You know I love my Amazing Mold Putty and the Amazing Casting goodies and this month’s post is going to show you just how much I use these products. Rather than show you just one project, I decided to show you just how versatile and useful all of the Amazing products are.

The first project I have is something almost EVERYONE can use. I purchased those cute little red and yellow ketchup and mustard bottles for summer time cookouts and get togethers. Unfortunately, the ones I bought did not have caps and would be left open all the time. Since Amazing Mold Putty Is food safe, I mixed up a small batch and pressed it over each of the bottle tops creating custom lids for each one.  The Amazing Mold Putty fills every  space, so even the tiny hole in the top is plugged keeping my ketchup and mustard sealed and fresh all summer long. Before the putty had set, I used my fingernail to mark  the respective lids with “M” and “K” so even if they are both off at the same time, they still end up on the correct bottle for storage. This technique would work for any jar, bottle or container that needs a cover, so I will definitely be using it again.

The next project I want to share is a set of custom toys I made for my son. Christopher loves those building bricks with the little dots on top (you know the ones I’m talking about) and he has a HUGE collection. His favorite things to collect are what he calls ‘special pieces.” You know… the pieces you only get on rare occasion and you can never have enough of? Yeah, those.  I let my son pick out a few of his favorite special pieces and I molded them to see how they would turn out. After the molds were set I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast and let it set overnight. The next day, we unmolded the cast toys and they turned out fantastic! Now he has a selection of SUPER SPECIAL PIECES and we can customize them anyway he wants. I love that the clear cast almost looks illuminated!

The final project I want to share in this post is still a work in progress, and MAN, was it a learning experience!!! While on a walk last week, I found a daisy with a broken stem and I decided I would try to preserve it using Amazing Clear cast. I spread some Vaseline on an old lid, mixed up my Clear Cast and used a medicine dropper to coat the top side of my daisy. The petals opened out too far under the weight of the Clear Cast and started to stick to the lid.  I tried using a toothpick to lift and move the petals, but that did not work out very well, so I decided to try and flip the flower over to allow the petals to fold back towards the middle.


I normally wear gloves while working with resin, but for some reason, I just picked up my flower and flipped it over. I used the toothpick to straighten and smooth the petals as much as I could, then I let the Clear Cast set overnight. Little did I know that Amazing Clear Cast does NOT wash off with soap and water!  It is very oily and it just smears and sticks instead. After a bit of a panic, I remembered a tip about using ACETONE Nail Polish Remover to remove clear cast.  I had to pour some Acetone Polish Remover into a bowl, soak my hands for a minute, then scrub them with a cotton ball, but I finally got all of the Clear Cast off my hands. From now on I will ALWAYS use gloves when working with resin of any kind!

In my panic I didn’t notice, but my flower turned from bright white and yellow, to dull green and brown. After the Clear Cast was set, I painted my flower back to its original colors and I plan to use it on a canvas I am working on.

I hope you enjoyed these projects and I would love to know how YOU use Amazing Mold Putty and both of the Amazing Resins. You can always find great ideas and projects on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog. Use the code AMP20 at check out, and get 20% off of your order!! Offer expires – Sept 30, 2012.


2 Responses to "Amazing Versatility!"

How awesome Edie….I love the idea about molding the caps on your condiment bottles.

That daisy is awesome! You really do great things with these products!

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