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Crazy Busy Day

Posted on: May 4, 2012

May 5th is National Scrapbooking Day, Cinco De Mayo and CRAZY busy for me!!!

Here is a rough estimate of what my day will look like…

I have my very first art show (SQUEE!) happening and it will run from 9am – 4pm. Then I will need to pack up and drive home, which is about 30 minutes away, and have a super quick dinner. Normally we celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Mexican food and crafts, but that’s not happening this year. Maybe we will grab some Taco Bell at a drive-through on the way home ;P


Since it is National Scrapbooking day, several artists (myself included) are coming together for what basically amounts to an all day marathon LIVE show!!! 😀

Most of these artists host individual live shows on a regular basis, but for National Scrabooking Day, we are all coming together and hosting different segments on ONE channel to make things much more simple. However, there are sooooo many AMAZING and TALENTED artists involved, that we still need more than one channel!

I will be hosting segments on TWO DIFFERENT channels and each channel will have multiple ideas, tutorials and GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

You can find all of the information in the links below. Be sure to check out the info for BOTH channels, as there will be different presenters, different channels and different giveaways for EACH!!!!

Creative EdVentures 

Find the show here

About the show and presenters

Giveaways – There will be SEVERAL giveaways, but this is the biggie!

The Odd Show

Complete info below 🙂

Find the show here

Giveaways – there will be SEVERAL giveaways, but this is the biggie! Plus there’s a double chance to win a separate drawing for a package of Amazing Mold Putty and Delight Air Dry Clay for tickets purchased by Friday night 11:59pm

Find them on Facebook

 All photos can be clicked to enlarge!!!

May is National Scrapbook month. Saturday, May 5th, is National Scrapbooking Day. Please join me at The Odd Show Special – National Scrapbook Day Extravaganza for LIVE streaming demos and giveaways. The fun starts at 10:00 AM Eastern until 9:00 PM.

At 8:00 PM, there will be a LIVE drawing for a new Cricut Expressions 2 – shipped to any address in the world! Only $5 USD gets you THREE chances to win in the drawing!
Someone is going to WIN!

 All raffle ticket proceeds will go to

Scrapbook along with us or make cards – whatever mixed media or paper craft you enjoy doing. Learn new tips and techniques and win prizes. Come and go throughout the day on your own schedule.

To join us on Saturday, click the link below > Enter Room > Add a Screename:
The are NO requirements to register in order use this LIVE stream website.

If you would like to preview what the room is like prior to Saturday, pop into The Odd Show’s LIVE stream, Monday through Friday at Noon, Eastern time. Or watch a previously recorded show listed on the website.

For more details on The Odd Show National Scrapbook Day Extravaganza and to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a new Cricut Expressions 2, click below:


I will be demoing at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

I hope to see you on Saturday!

A side note I just found out about (Tuesday at noon): tickets purchased through now and Friday at 11:59pm … will be put in a separate drawing for a Package of Amazing Mold Putty and Delight Air Dry Clay!

***Thank you Molly Smith for putting together this amazing Odd Show info packet!***


2 Responses to "Crazy Busy Day"

Sounds like a crazy busy day! Good luck with all!

You aren’t in Florida, though, are you? I’ve got appointments tomorrow and we’ll probably spend much of the day in traffic. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated big time down here (never knew it was celebrated in Ohio). There’s stuff going on everywhere!

Looks like fun and hope I can catch some of it!

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