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A few weeks ago I found an little, armless, vintage doll at a yard sale. I brought her home and stuck her in my box of ephemera to await her chance to be molded.

I had never made a two part mold before and to be honest, I was kind of intimidated by the whole idea. I was worried about it leaking, not lining up properly and just not turning out right in general. Thank goodness Amazing Mold Putty has fantastic tutorials on their website, because my first two part mold turned out FANTASTIC! I followed the instructions I had seen on the site and it was sooooo simple!

You can view the full (time lapse) video tutorial below or you can view the full (real time) Ustream episode full of tips and viewer questions and answers.

I made the first half of my mold, covered the front side of my doll, making sure to stop at the seam line. While it was still moldable, I used the end of a paint brush to create markers on the outside edge. This will help to ensure my mold lines up properly every time. I let the first half set completely before moving on.

I gave the seam line and all of the nooks and crannies a coat of Vaseline, but you can use what ever mold release you like. It is extremely important to cover ALL of the areas the Amazing Mold Putty might connect because it will adhere to it’s self. I mixed up the second half of my mold and covered the back side of my doll, making sure to push the Putty into all of the earlier mentioned nooks and crannies 😉

Once my mold was completely set, I removed my original doll and started preparing my mold for casting. I knew I would be using this mold with Amazing Casting Resin and the Amazing Clear cast, so I cut some little vents in the bottom to allow air bubbles escape.

I wrapped a rubber band around the mold, put it upside down in a cup and added paper around the bottom to hold the mold upright. Next, I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin, poured it into my little air holes and let it set.

Even though  it is not technically a ‘Frozen Charlotte” doll, that is what my cast doll reminded me of and I  ♪♫LOVE♪♫  it!

I trimmed away the excess resin (do this BEFORE the item is completely set) and sanded her in a few spots. Amazing casting Resin is basically a hard, shiny plastic, so I gessoed my cast doll before I painted her.

I mixed some gum arabic into my PearlEx powder for a binder and added water to create my base paint, then I used Iridescent Pearl craft paint on  her face, belly and legs for highlight.

I created the wings with a piece of transparency paper. I painted on a basic wing shape for a guide, then I cut two pieces of wire and super glued them into place. For the outline of the wings I added a line of glue and sprinkled on some blue microbeads. I painted the inside of her wings with copper acrylic craft pain and tapped the paint for texture. Once the paint was dry I stamped them with Distress Ink. I made little holes in the wings by pushing a lit incense stick thought the transparency sheet. I love how these wings turned out and I plan on using them on another project that allows them to stick out 😀  I got the basic idea for these wings from Terri Sproul and you can see what she did here.

While that was drying I worked on the background canvas. I painted an 8 X 10 canvas board with black craft paint. I then stamped it with archival ink and embossed the stamped images with black embossing powder. Lastly, I attached the wings and the doll to the canvas with E-6000 glue.

Even though she isn’t a “Frozen Charlotte”, she’s still Charlotte to me 🙂

You can view more tips and ideas on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog.


I have been wanting to use my Route 66 stamp for the LONGEST time and since this Barbie justlooked like she was ready for a summer road trip, I thought it was a great combination.

I have this great book of maps from Turkey so I cut out a page and attached it to the front of an upcycled card with gel medium. Next I stamped my Swimsuit lady onto a piece of watercolor paper using Distress Ink in Black Soot and cut her out with an Xactto. I painted my lady with Neocolor II water color crayons and Prismacolor Colored Pencils. I colored all of her accessories using glitter gel pens, then finished off her  lips and eyes with Prismacolor markers.

I stamped my Route 66 stamp onto watercolor paper using Fired Brick Distress Ink, cut it out, then colored in the sign with blue and silver glitter gel pen. I printed my quote then aged the paper with Distress Ink in Tea Dye. I attached my text and images to the map using gel medium.  Even though I now have a great card to use whenever I need it, I  like it so much I may just glue it closed and attach a ribbon to the back and hang it up as a reminder to myself 😀


I have a quickie tip to share with you today 😀

You know I love how versatile Creative Paperclay is right? You can sculpt it, you can shape it you can mold it, but did you know you can stamp it? It’s true!

Creative Paperclay and the Delight air dry clay can both be rolled out and then stamped to create 3 D embellishments 😀

I made this mushroom using this technique. I rolled my clay thin, then pressed my stamp into the clay and cut around the outline.  Now all I will need to do is paint it when I am ready to use it 😀

Visit the Creative Paperclay Blog for more tips and ideas.


May 5th is National Scrapbooking Day, Cinco De Mayo and CRAZY busy for me!!!

Here is a rough estimate of what my day will look like…

I have my very first art show (SQUEE!) happening and it will run from 9am – 4pm. Then I will need to pack up and drive home, which is about 30 minutes away, and have a super quick dinner. Normally we celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Mexican food and crafts, but that’s not happening this year. Maybe we will grab some Taco Bell at a drive-through on the way home ;P


Since it is National Scrapbooking day, several artists (myself included) are coming together for what basically amounts to an all day marathon LIVE show!!! 😀

Most of these artists host individual live shows on a regular basis, but for National Scrabooking Day, we are all coming together and hosting different segments on ONE channel to make things much more simple. However, there are sooooo many AMAZING and TALENTED artists involved, that we still need more than one channel!

I will be hosting segments on TWO DIFFERENT channels and each channel will have multiple ideas, tutorials and GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

You can find all of the information in the links below. Be sure to check out the info for BOTH channels, as there will be different presenters, different channels and different giveaways for EACH!!!!

Creative EdVentures 

Find the show here

About the show and presenters

Giveaways – There will be SEVERAL giveaways, but this is the biggie!

The Odd Show

Complete info below 🙂

Find the show here

Giveaways – there will be SEVERAL giveaways, but this is the biggie! Plus there’s a double chance to win a separate drawing for a package of Amazing Mold Putty and Delight Air Dry Clay for tickets purchased by Friday night 11:59pm

Find them on Facebook

 All photos can be clicked to enlarge!!!

May is National Scrapbook month. Saturday, May 5th, is National Scrapbooking Day. Please join me at The Odd Show Special – National Scrapbook Day Extravaganza for LIVE streaming demos and giveaways. The fun starts at 10:00 AM Eastern until 9:00 PM.

At 8:00 PM, there will be a LIVE drawing for a new Cricut Expressions 2 – shipped to any address in the world! Only $5 USD gets you THREE chances to win in the drawing!
Someone is going to WIN!

 All raffle ticket proceeds will go to

Scrapbook along with us or make cards – whatever mixed media or paper craft you enjoy doing. Learn new tips and techniques and win prizes. Come and go throughout the day on your own schedule.

To join us on Saturday, click the link below > Enter Room > Add a Screename:
The are NO requirements to register in order use this LIVE stream website.

If you would like to preview what the room is like prior to Saturday, pop into The Odd Show’s LIVE stream, Monday through Friday at Noon, Eastern time. Or watch a previously recorded show listed on the website.

For more details on The Odd Show National Scrapbook Day Extravaganza and to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a new Cricut Expressions 2, click below:


I will be demoing at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

I hope to see you on Saturday!

A side note I just found out about (Tuesday at noon): tickets purchased through now and Friday at 11:59pm … will be put in a separate drawing for a Package of Amazing Mold Putty and Delight Air Dry Clay!

***Thank you Molly Smith for putting together this amazing Odd Show info packet!***

For most of the past month the weather has been gorgeous and I have had all of my doors and windows open to let in the fresh Spring air. I was sitting at my desk this week working on some projects for my upcoming art show and every time the wind blew so did everything on my desk. I never thought a I was a paper weight kind of girl, but that day I changed my mind.

I needed something to hold my papers in place when I had the windows open on a nice day, but most paper weights are boring or downright ugly! VivaLasVegaStamps! To the rescue! I grabbed my Art Doll Medium stamp and got to work.

You can view the full video tutorial below 😀

I always get unmounted rubber stamps and I add two strips of Miracle Tape to my acrylic blog to hold them in place. I stamped my art doll onto a manila folder and realized my girl needed some clothes. I think my Hanging Tiffany Lamp stamp is extremely versatile, so I decided to use it for her skirt. I stamped her skirt and then glued the folder closed using gel medium.

I carefully cut all of the pieces out and used a needle tool to poke all of my holes, then I attached her head to her body using gel medium.

I colored all of the pieces with Prismacolor pencils and I drew the design for her dress and colored it as well. I attached her legs with tiny brads and attached her arms with larger decorative brads then I glued her skirt into place with tacky glue.

I painted a scrap piece of watercolor paper with black acrylic craft paint then traced her silhouette with a white Prismacolor pencil and cut it out. I cut a piece of wire and formed a loop in one end, then sandwiched the looped end of the wire between my girl and her silhouette using tacky glue. I painted the wire black to match the doll and set her aside to dry.

I originally created a base using Creative Paperclay® by rolling out long skinny noodles and winding them into a spiral. I stacked up several spirals to create the base and painted it with alternating black and white stripes. I stuck the wire into the base, but the doll was too heavy and she kept falling over! I added a washer to the bottom to give it a bit more weight, but it still wasn’t heavy enough. I ended up removing that base and making another one using Sculpey because it is so much heavier. I made the hole for the wire then removed it and baked the Sculpey as directed. When it was set and cooled I painted the Sculpey base then stuck the wire back into place.

She doesn’t fall over anymore and now I have a pretty and unique paperweight that will keep everything from flying away on breezy days 😀

You can always find great ideas and tutorials on the VivaLasVagaStamps! Blog.