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Annya the Bottle Babe

Posted on: April 9, 2012

I cannot believe I have been on the Creative Paperclay® design team for six months already! The time has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Because my term is up, and I LOVE this stuff soooooo much, I am reapplying for a spot on the design team.

Creative Paperclay® is an air dry modeling material that is extremely versatile and luckily for me, very forgiving! I have used Creative Paperclay® to make a variety of mixed media embellishments and I have also used it in place of modeling paste. My son has used it to create school projects and we also made our family Christmas ornaments with it last year.
My most recent project is an art doll and that is what I want to share with you today. I love this doll so much that I have decided to create a series of these dolls for an art show I will take part in this coming May.

Her name is Annya and she is a Bottle Babe. I call her a Bottle Babe because the base of her body is made from a recycled jar! 😀

You can watch the full video tutorial below.

I made a wire and aluminum foil armature for her torso and head and covered it with Creative Paperclay®. I then glued the torso onto a recycled jelly jar and added more Creative Paperclay to form the rest of her body.
I sculpted her face and painted her with a mix of artist grade acrylic paints and acrylic craft paints. Next I cut the sleeve from an old shirt and tailored it with a few simple stitches to form her skirt. Then I gave her an aged look by painting her with a wash of fluid acrylics and water and blotting some of it away.

I printed out my text and gave it some color with Distress Inks, then added the text to her dress with matte medium. The quote says “Love is like a garden, tend it and it will grow.”
Lastly I painted a heart shaped paper mache basket with acrylic craft paint, and then splattered it with a lighter color of paint to give it some texture. I glued some silk flowers into the basket and hung it on her arm.

I think she is completely charming and I already have a row of bottles wash, dried and ready to be turned into Bottle Babes 😀

I have my fingers crossed because I would absolutely LOVE to be chosen for the Creative Paperclay® design team again. It is by FAR one of my favorite products and I reeeeeeeally want to continue to create amazing projects for the team. You can always find great ideas and tutorials on the Creative Paperclay® blog.
Wish me luck!!!


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amazing job. thanks for your submission to be apart of the creative paperclay design team..

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