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Steampunk Spring Flower

Posted on: April 4, 2012

I love Spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and everything seems fresh and new.  The Earth comes alive again after a long sleep and anything seems possible.

In honor of Spring, I wanted to capture that feeling and give it a bit of a steampunk twist and Leslie Rahye’s Hippity Steampunk Easter Blog Hop  was just the motivation I needed 😀

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*NOTE* The blog hop actually takes place on April 6,2012. I have a design team post that is due that day, so I am posting mine early. Be sure to visit EACH blog on the hop ON FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2012 FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE BLOG CANDY!!!

While my project is not technically “Easter” themed, Easter is in Spring so it works. (That’s my story and I stickin’ to it!)

I created this totally friggin’ AWESOME steampunk flower using Creative Paperclay® and one key piece of actual hardware. (Tutorial below)

I created the stem over a wire armature and I added this brass connector thingy to the end. I also cast a bolt from Creative Paperclay® and popped that into the center forming the pistil. That’s the fancy, scientific word for the center of the flower.  I Googled it 😀

I mixed sand and glue together, poured it into my terracotta flower pot, added the stem and packed the sand tightly around the flower so it would be nice and stable once dry.

I cut leaf shapes out of Creative Paperlcay® and embossed the leaves using the Cuttlebug gears embossing folder. I then shaped the leaves and set them aside to dry.

I glued the petals in place, stamped the flower pot using a Viva Las VegaStamps!®  gear stamp and painted the flower and sand with acrylic craft paints.

I adore this project and I hope you like it too. Happy Spring!!!  😀


34 Responses to "Steampunk Spring Flower"

I just love your project Edie! Don’t we have lots of flowers at Easter time? Just lovely.

Great use of the Viva Las Vegastamps! gears, Edie… thanks.

Very creative and very cool!

this really caught my eye, well done!

this is really eye catching, what a fun creation, well done!

Love your “Steampunk” flower in bloom. Thanks for sharing this interesting project using Creative Paperclay. Hippity Hoppity…

What a fun project. Your Easter bloom is wonderful.

I love this. I would love to see a window planter box filled with them. Great project.

just love it…

Gorgeous flower, it’s awesome ! X Fab

Great flower, it’s awesome ! X Fab

That is so cool! I thought you had made it of metal until I read through.

What a great project, Edie. I love how you made the Pistil (that scientific term) and the flower petals are so pretty. Amazing how you can make steampunk pretty, but you managed to do just that. Love it.

Love it! I’m fascinated by steampunk stuff 😀

I love this, too…I need to make this one!

Just love this flower and would love to make it, too!

I LOVE your flower also!!!!

i wouldnt mind a garden of theses blooming up this spring. beautiful creation.

It is beautiful Edie! I love the flower and the pot!

Edie this is wonderful! I love all of the information on how you created this! I will have to run some paper clay though my emboss folders! I have not tried that! Great inspiration! Thank you for being a part of my hippity steampunk Easter Blog hop!

So pretty. i love that you could do any pattern on the petals that you want.

Hurray for brass connector thingies! I have a box of interesting metal thingies myself, lol. Your flower turned out beautifully.

Love your flower, I must remember to use my embossing folders wit paper clay. TFS

I love this – I really have to get my Paper Clay out and try this

Really out of the ususal realm, great thinking and execution! Love the idea for the weighting the pot too!

Beautiful flower! thanks for the how-to!

Marvelous! And you should adore your creation–it is very clever and very fitting of theme. I have not heard of paper clay–have to look into that.

Fantastic Flower – Love it! Gotta invest in the creative paperclay like yesterday! TFS

Great flower, thanks for the tutorialo

This is indeed one awesome steampunk flower!

Such a special looking flower…Spring is here.

OMG!!! AWESOME flower!!! I need to make some of these for my garden!!

Beautiful steam punk flower! Perfect for any garden!

This project is amazing using what you did. Love the paperclay leaves and I think it looks very much Easter.

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