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I’m so happy you stopped by to join me on my first blog hop!

For  those of you who are unsure what a blog hop is – all you have to do is check out each of the fantastic creations we made using Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Mold Putty®. There will be tutorials so you can try them for yourself  🙂

We even have blog candy to give away! Just leave a comment for each of us and follow each of the blogs and you will be entered to win a 16oz package of Creative Paperclay® and a package of Amazing Mold Putty®. There is even a blog roll so you can click right through to see them all. That’s it! Simple right?

OK, now that you know what to do, let’s get started 😀

You can view the full video tutorial below. All photos can be clicked to enlarge.

I have to admit; I went a little crazy with the Amazing Mold Putty® and ended up using my ENTIRE box in one night! I had the 2/3 lb box and I was able to create 25 molds which is pretty impressive. That stuff really IS amazing 😀

I didn’t want to waste a single bit of the Amazing Mold Putty ®, so I removed the extra little bits from around the edges of my molds and used it to mold some of the smaller items. That made some of my molds “ugly” but I’m ok with that because it didn’t affect the mold AND I got even more molds overall.

Once the molds are set they stay flexible which makes getting the dried Creative Paperclay®  out of them a breeze. I was even able to remove some of the cast items before the Paperclay was completely dry which makes making multiples much faster.

For this project I coated the entire tin box in gel medium to seal the original rusty goodness, then I used acrylic inks and acrylic craft paint to give it a bit more shine.

This is the original box with no paint

I cast several Creative Paperclay® keys, key holes, gears and a clock face. I painted all of the items with several colors of metallic acrylic craft paint including bronze, patina, silver and two shades of gold.

I attached the text with gel medium and the Creative Paperclay®  embellishments with tacky glue.

The quote on the outside of the box says “A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys and
keys to fit our locks.”

The quote on the inside of the box says “My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We’ll lock them up together, And throw away the key.”

For the heart, I rolled out more Creative Paperclay® and embossed it using a Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I painted the heart with the same colors as the other embellishments and placed it into the clock face then filled the clock with Mod Podge  Dimensional Magic.

This was such a fun project and I can’t wait to use my molds again and again 😀  I hope you try using the Amazing Mold Putty®  and Creative Paperclay® together in your creations.

Be sure to leave me a comment and then check out the rest of the blogs in the hop. Leave each of them a comment and don’t forget to follow each of our blogs for your chance to win some awesome blog candy!

You can always find great projects and ideas at the Creative Paperclay® blog.


I collect fairies and other lady figurines and I am really starting to appreciate art dolls of all kinds, but I am not usually drawn to mermaids. They are beautiful and I love the way they look but I don’t normally collect them. However, I am currently working on two different art courses that both heavily feature mermaids, so needless to say, I have been on a mermaid kick.

I have been collecting mermaidesque tid bits to use in upcoming paintings and journal pages and I even collected seashells on the beach while I was on vacation in San Diego to use in a painting I am planning.

This recently awakened mermaid obsession even inspired my Creative Paperclay® design team project for the month. I decided to alter a basic Barbie doll and turn her into an OOAK mermaid art doll and I *LOVE* the way she turned out! I like it so much, I will even be displaying her in the curio with my other favorite lady figurines 😀


Be sure to watch the full tutorial in the video below, but here are the basics…

Start with any Barbie of your choice. Mine happened to have blue hair and her ‘bathing suit’ was plastic and made her body.

Using Creative Paperclay® air dry modeling material completely encase her legs to form a mermaid tail.

Create her fin using wire and fabric and insert it into the end of her tail

Add hair extensions made from inexpensive hair weave

Paint and embellish however you like. Viola’!!!!

I used two different kinds of Paperclay on this project. Her tail is made from Creative Paperclay® air dry modeling material and her seashell embellishments are made from Delight® air dry modeling material.

The Delight® has a puffier texture than the Creative Paperclay® which was perfect for this project. I suggest you try both products for yourself because they do feel very different and can be used together to create unique contrast on your projects.

You can see more amazing Creative Paperclay® creations on the Creative Paperclay® blog.

Check back here on February 1, 2012 to join the Creative Paperclay® blog hop “Love Cast in Clay” featuring Creative Paperclay® AND Amazing Mold Putty!!!! I have seen a sneak peek at a few of the projects that will be shown and I am super excited!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see what you create!

I’m baaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaack  🙂

A quick recap of what I have been up to for the past month…

My husband returned home from a two year tour in Bahrain but he was only home for a month (he is already away again, in California this time) so the three of us kind of crawled into a little cave to bond and hibernate together before he had to leave again.We celebrated the holidays, visited family and caught up on AL OT of missed family time.

I didn’t really make much time for arting while he was home, but I did piddle around with a few things. I have been sketching and practicing my drawing skills and focusing on drawing faces quite a bit.

This is a simple sketch I did while brain storming for an upcoming class I will be working on.



My attempt at drawing Sarah Hyland (actress from Modern Family)



Elphaba (Wicked – The Wicked Witch of the West)



I NEVER do blonde hair, so I thought I would give it a go.



Paradox – an art journal page about a personal issue I have been dealing with recently.


And there you have it. Everything I worked on through the month of December. Not much, I know. But, on the bright side, I REALLY like ALL of the pages, which, for me, is saying something!


Now looking ahead…

I began several projects this week, so I will be having LOTS of art to share in the very near future.

First is my Creative Paperclay® Design Team blog post that will be available on January 19.

PLUS I will be participating in my very first BLOG HOP!!! On February 1, 2012 I will be one stop on a blog hop combining Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material and art molds I make myself using Amazing Mold Putty!!! If you want to know more check out the little linky button over on the side bar to the right.

And Dennnn, I will have my regular Creative Paperclay® Design Team project up on Feb 19 and it will feature art molds from Articuss!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

I will also be sharing many other projects I am working on including my prompts for the Work of Art show and several art courses as well as all of the randomness that happens in my journal 😀

So that is all for now Jelly Beans. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to this year as much as I am. BIG, BIG, HUGS,