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Guess What ?!?!?!

Posted on: October 23, 2011

I have BIG, BIG news to share and I am sooooo excited!

*I* was selected to be a member of the CREATIVE PAPERCLAY ® modeling material *DESIGN TEAM*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WooooooHoooooooo!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m happy, woohoo!

I have known for TWO WEEKS and it has been SO hard to keep the secret until the announcement was made 😀  Today my silence is broken and I am thrilled! Each month, for the next six months, I will be posting a tutorial for a project I have created using Creative Paperclay ®. The first of these posts will be up in mid-November and I already have an idea in mind that I think will be perfect 🙂

I have listed the rest of the Design Team in my blogroll so you can visit each of their blogs as well 🙂


I have been crafting my tooshie off for the past two weeks and I have some pretty awesome (if I do say so myself, LOL) projects to share.

First, my Halloween village is fully set up and it looks AMAZING!


I have a ceiling fan above the table  the village is sitting on and because the people are on card stock tabs, they move in the breeze which makes them even creepier 😀

Another project I worked on this week was a captured skeleton. I saw a  tutorial on youtube a few weeks ago and I *had* to make one 🙂


The crafter in the tutorial had an AWESOME little light bulb that seemed *impossible* to find! After driving all over town, a few Google searches and one month of looking, I FINALLY found one at Michael’s.  There are two kinds to choose from, one in the wedding department and one in the floral department. The bulbs in the wedding dept are blinking only and are made to be put in balloons. The ones in the floral dept are steady on, and they are submersible! I tell you all of this because I had a HELL of a time finding them and hope to make your search easier 🙂

I am also arting along with the contestants on the show Work of Art (Bravo.) The first challenge was to turn a piece of kitschy art into something cool. I found this little geisha at the thrift store and turned her into a Goddess. You can watch the full tutorial here on youtube.


Yet ANOTHER project (and DEFINITELY the biggest!) I have been working on this week is my son’s 11 birthday party. He wanted a Lego themed party and  Lego Napoleon cake. I have made several cute cakes before and although I am NO expert, I have to say, this is probably my best and favorite one yet!


See! I told ya I’ve been busy!   😀

This week will have me finishing up Christopher’s Halloween costume, (Napoleon Bonapart) working on the next Work of Art prompt and who knows what else 😀

As for today’s agenda, a trip to Toys R Us and writing a marketing paper are top priority.

Have a great weekend!


25 Responses to "Guess What ?!?!?!"

Wow you have been a busy one for sure! I absolutely freaking love your village and the captured skeleton!! I think I watched the same vid and I wanted to make one too but totally forgot HAHAHA! I’m glad you found that bulb!!! :)) That cake is adorbs too and I think its awesome that your son is gonna be Napoloean for Halloween.. thats just so unique!!! I wish I had Bravo so I could watch Work of Art and create along with it too but alas…. stupid cable company! LOL.

Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Thank you so much! You probably did see the same video, it was making the round of Facebook for a while 🙂 I don’t have cable, so I have to find it online to watch. Most of the people I know who are watching it are doing the same. You can usually find it at Dailymotion 😀

You have been very busy!!!! Congrats on making the Creative Paperclay® team!

Happy to see you on the team Edie! You are a very talented artist and I’m sure you will make some outstanding projects to share with everyone.

Hugs XX

Thank you Barbara! I can’t wait to get started 😀

love your work here!~ I know of those submersible lights you wrote about—they are a set of 4 for $20 at Michaels…use your coupon! I look forward to seeing your projects~

Thank you Lee 🙂 The lights I found were much cheaper than that. I got a two pack of the blinky ‘wedding’ lights for $1.99 and a four pack of the ‘floral’ lights for $6.99 and used my coupon 🙂 They did have a 12 pack of floral lights for $20 but I wanted to compare the two before buying a big pack.

Your projects are so wonderful! I’m honored to be on the same team!

I feel the same way 🙂 I am looking forward to what you come up with to share!

Congrats on being on the Creative Paperclay® Design Team. I’m looking forward to working with you and seeing your tutorials!

Thank you Tamara. I love your work and I am so excited to be on the team 🙂

I am so excited to be on the DT with you. Congrats and your stuff is wonderful. I loved your video on the doll. Great job.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

Thanks Brenda! I just went to your blog and I LOVE the hair clip! I’m excited to be on the team with you 🙂

So excited to be in the Creative Paperclay DT with you, can’t wait to see more of your creations!


Oh my – you are the PERFECT choice for the Creative Paperclay® team! You are a GENIUS with that stuff! WOOT for you! Congratulations – that is amazing and fantastic! I know you are going to rock it out and be an amazing inspiration to SO MANY people.

Awwww, thank you Robyn ❤ I am learning alot!

WOW! You HAVE been busy!!! Congrats on the PC design team member! You will be a great asset, I can tell from your Halloween deco’s you’ve made. Your captured skeleton and kitschy makeover to goddess look great! I LOVE the Lego Napoleon cake! It came out awesome!!! 🙂

Thank you so much Karen 😀

Congrats! Love your Work of Art!

that is really great for you Edie ! Congratulation for being chosen by Creative Paperclay ! Your projects sounds interesting ! And the cake is really astounishing 🙂

It is so much fun to play with 😀

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