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Air Week

Posted on: July 22, 2011

This week on The Elements of Art Journaling we were working with the element of air and it was PERFECT timing! I have had to strap myself on to my magic carpet and enjoy the ride.

For me, this week has been all about creativity (a BIG blip on air-element radar) and imagination and during this magic carpet ride, I managed to create FOUR MAJOR projects!

First I created a mini-e-course that will be part of a HUGE collaboration course, I gathered enough courage to record the FIRST promo for my upcoming e-course The Art of Healthy Living, I made a beautiful little collage around the idea of shutting out negative self talk AND I produced a fantastical air page for Elements.

I have AIR written in my DNA. I am known to be air headed, flighty, a dreamer and indecisive. Words for my clustering came with ease and I immediately had mental visuals swirling in my head. One of my personal associations for the element of air is kaleidoscope. The way the  images shift and change like glitter in the wind…

***Ooh, I should totally do a “glitter in the air” page! I had to write that before I forgot…. See, COMPLETELY flighty!***

I *AM* a kaleidoscope!

Anyway, the prompt for this week was all about attempting things we don’t normally do and also adding text to our pages. I always add text to my pages, so I decided to use this time to step out of my comfot zone. I am always afraid I will “mess up” my pages. I never want to cover over my work. I only layer things that I don’t mind “losing.” This week, I moved past that. If I add people to my page, I  NEVER cover them with ANYTHING. I want them to be visible. If I draw something it is always the LAST thing I do and then I blen it in around the edges only.  NOT this week! I laid a small scrap of paper to masque the faces of my people and the middle of their bodies ONLY and then… I LAYERED!  I did have to go back and redefine may fairies  balloons, but other than that, I left everything as it was and I LOVE it! I am so, so pleased with how this page turned out 😀

I learn something new every week in this course and i feel like I am finding my own voice in my pages. I am sarting to feel more comfortable with layering and I am not *so* afraid to make a mess.

And if I do… there’s always Gesso!


My AIR page


My collage



5 Responses to "Air Week"

Thank you so much for sharing your process!
YAY for a super productive week!
Cute pages!

Edie these are wonderful!! Congrats on having such an amazing and creative week!! You’re ROCKIN’ it!!!

Wonderful, Edie! And congratulations on your mini-course! ❤

Thanks Effy 😀

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