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Earth My Body

Posted on: July 18, 2011

I just finished week two of  The Elements of Art Journaling and it was tough!  This week was all about the element of Earth in relation to my body, which is an extremely touchy subject for me. I struggle every single day with body image issues and this week was no different. As soon as Effy mentioned working with our bodies, I prickled.

You see, even after a 100 pound weight loss, I still don’t see my body in a positive light. My body issues are deeper than a number on a scale and I felt like any positive exploration of this in my art journal would be fake. I was not looking forward to this week’s work, but I knew that not doing the work was out of the question.

The first thing I had to do was completely remove the concept of my body from the word Earth, and only then could I begin the word clustering for the Element. I connect deeply to the element of Earth and I was even able to add the word “body” to my list of associations.

After I had completed my list I walked away from it to give myself time to open up to the idea of using those words to describe my body. After a few days I was able to come back to my list and find words that I truly believed about my body.

My body is strong, it is my foundation, it is alive and it is my home. Every single one of these words are positive and yet they describe *MY* body. I could not believe I had made such positive associations. That activity made me see my body as something more than just what I look like. It BECAME the Earth, deep, rooted and abundant and something to treasure.

By the end of the week I had not only made an absolutely gorgeous journal page, I started the process of making peace with my body.


6 Responses to "Earth My Body"

Thank you so very much for sharing your experience!
So happy to hear it was such a positive one!
And your page looks gorgeous!
The way to go!

You made me smile 😀 Thank you so much ❤

You did great, hon!! I am so proud of you!

Awwww, thanks Trece. *blushes*

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