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Connecting To The Elements

Posted on: July 6, 2011

Week one of <a href=”Click here to visit Wild Precious Studios.“>The Elements of Art Journaling has finally begun and Effy did NOT disappoint! It’s only week one and I am already feeling a deeper sense of  my personal connections to the elements.

I have been working with the elements for a couple of years now, but I am just beginning to find my personal connections to each one. In the past I would make associations based on what I read because I was unsure of how to approach each element. This week Effy suggested an exercise in which my  instincts guided me from one association to another. From this exercise, I realize that my associations may be different from anyone elses, but MY interpretations are all that matter. Each element has certain basic characteristics, but deeper connections are made on a much more personal level. I now have a better idea of how I can personally connect with each element and I know I will never NEED a book to suggest associations again.

Next Effy showed us how to make art journals out of simple composition books so that we would be able to have our art and notes together in the same book. I personally don’t like working on pages that have been glued together, but I liked her process and how her example turned out. I have decided to use a regular water color journal for my art and I will be keeping my notes in a notebook that already has elemental information in it.

We also worked on the covers of our journals this week and I ADORE the way mine turned out! It’s green and earthy and inviting! I attached earth toned ribbons hung a big dangly-bit from Bahrain from one end.  I also strung beads on one of the ribbons representing each of the five elements. Three beads of each color green (earth), white (air), red (fire),  blue (water) and purple (spirit.) My cover was still sticky from the gel medium, but Effy suggested rubbing white candle over it and then buffing with a soft cloth. It is still glossy (which I like) but it is no longer sticky, (which I like even more!)\

       Front Cover. The butterfly is a 3D sticker.

      Back cover.

I am enjoying Effy’s process and the way she suggests working through the material. Her videos are very informative and she is available to help us with any issues that come up.

Registration is still open until July 15, so you still have time to join me!

Big Hugs,



5 Responses to "Connecting To The Elements"

Your journal is looking so lovely, beautiful colours and I love your fibers and beads and I missed that little tip about the white candle- so thank you for sharing it here 🙂

Thank you Louise 🙂

Love your cover Edie. I love the layering. I have also found the ‘earth’ element very difficult. But when I see the layering on your cover this morning, it came to me that our bodies are just that…but in so many ways.
Layering physically, but mentally, our body keeps everything that has ever happened to us within it. Wow.
Thank you Edie, maybe I can move on now & complete my page.
Yours are great… TY

Thank you so much 🙂
Isn’t it amazing how ‘deeply’ we are all connected to the element of earth? You said it perfectly.
I would really like to see your page when it is complete.

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