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This week on The Elements of Art Journaling we were working with the element of air and it was PERFECT timing! I have had to strap myself on to my magic carpet and enjoy the ride.

For me, this week has been all about creativity (a BIG blip on air-element radar) and imagination and during this magic carpet ride, I managed to create FOUR MAJOR projects!

First I created a mini-e-course that will be part of a HUGE collaboration course, I gathered enough courage to record the FIRST promo for my upcoming e-course The Art of Healthy Living, I made a beautiful little collage around the idea of shutting out negative self talk AND I produced a fantastical air page for Elements.

I have AIR written in my DNA. I am known to be air headed, flighty, a dreamer and indecisive. Words for my clustering came with ease and I immediately had mental visuals swirling in my head. One of my personal associations for the element of air is kaleidoscope. The way the  images shift and change like glitter in the wind…

***Ooh, I should totally do a “glitter in the air” page! I had to write that before I forgot…. See, COMPLETELY flighty!***

I *AM* a kaleidoscope!

Anyway, the prompt for this week was all about attempting things we don’t normally do and also adding text to our pages. I always add text to my pages, so I decided to use this time to step out of my comfot zone. I am always afraid I will “mess up” my pages. I never want to cover over my work. I only layer things that I don’t mind “losing.” This week, I moved past that. If I add people to my page, I  NEVER cover them with ANYTHING. I want them to be visible. If I draw something it is always the LAST thing I do and then I blen it in around the edges only.  NOT this week! I laid a small scrap of paper to masque the faces of my people and the middle of their bodies ONLY and then… I LAYERED!  I did have to go back and redefine may fairies  balloons, but other than that, I left everything as it was and I LOVE it! I am so, so pleased with how this page turned out 😀

I learn something new every week in this course and i feel like I am finding my own voice in my pages. I am sarting to feel more comfortable with layering and I am not *so* afraid to make a mess.

And if I do… there’s always Gesso!


My AIR page


My collage



I just finished week two of  The Elements of Art Journaling and it was tough!  This week was all about the element of Earth in relation to my body, which is an extremely touchy subject for me. I struggle every single day with body image issues and this week was no different. As soon as Effy mentioned working with our bodies, I prickled.

You see, even after a 100 pound weight loss, I still don’t see my body in a positive light. My body issues are deeper than a number on a scale and I felt like any positive exploration of this in my art journal would be fake. I was not looking forward to this week’s work, but I knew that not doing the work was out of the question.

The first thing I had to do was completely remove the concept of my body from the word Earth, and only then could I begin the word clustering for the Element. I connect deeply to the element of Earth and I was even able to add the word “body” to my list of associations.

After I had completed my list I walked away from it to give myself time to open up to the idea of using those words to describe my body. After a few days I was able to come back to my list and find words that I truly believed about my body.

My body is strong, it is my foundation, it is alive and it is my home. Every single one of these words are positive and yet they describe *MY* body. I could not believe I had made such positive associations. That activity made me see my body as something more than just what I look like. It BECAME the Earth, deep, rooted and abundant and something to treasure.

By the end of the week I had not only made an absolutely gorgeous journal page, I started the process of making peace with my body.

Week one of <a href=”Click here to visit Wild Precious Studios.“>The Elements of Art Journaling has finally begun and Effy did NOT disappoint! It’s only week one and I am already feeling a deeper sense of  my personal connections to the elements.

I have been working with the elements for a couple of years now, but I am just beginning to find my personal connections to each one. In the past I would make associations based on what I read because I was unsure of how to approach each element. This week Effy suggested an exercise in which my  instincts guided me from one association to another. From this exercise, I realize that my associations may be different from anyone elses, but MY interpretations are all that matter. Each element has certain basic characteristics, but deeper connections are made on a much more personal level. I now have a better idea of how I can personally connect with each element and I know I will never NEED a book to suggest associations again.

Next Effy showed us how to make art journals out of simple composition books so that we would be able to have our art and notes together in the same book. I personally don’t like working on pages that have been glued together, but I liked her process and how her example turned out. I have decided to use a regular water color journal for my art and I will be keeping my notes in a notebook that already has elemental information in it.

We also worked on the covers of our journals this week and I ADORE the way mine turned out! It’s green and earthy and inviting! I attached earth toned ribbons hung a big dangly-bit from Bahrain from one end.  I also strung beads on one of the ribbons representing each of the five elements. Three beads of each color green (earth), white (air), red (fire),  blue (water) and purple (spirit.) My cover was still sticky from the gel medium, but Effy suggested rubbing white candle over it and then buffing with a soft cloth. It is still glossy (which I like) but it is no longer sticky, (which I like even more!)\

       Front Cover. The butterfly is a 3D sticker.

      Back cover.

I am enjoying Effy’s process and the way she suggests working through the material. Her videos are very informative and she is available to help us with any issues that come up.

Registration is still open until July 15, so you still have time to join me!

Big Hugs,


Wow, today is HUGE! I am on SQUEE OVERLOAD!!!!

First and foremost, my website officially opens today!!!!!!!!!!!!


After much anticipation, Whole Heart Fitness is FINALLY up and running!  I have added a new blog post there about what I hope to accomplish on the site and I would love it if you would give it a read  😀   There is even a contest running!

Today I will be recording a vlog of my weight loss journey to be added to the site as well. It will be listed under videos and I hope to upload it this evening.

I will also be shooting the very first video for my upcoming e-course The Art of Healthy Living that will begin September, 1, 2011. Registration for the course will open August 1, 2011 so stay tuned for that! You can learn more about what the course will be about by clicking here.

In other news, Effy Wild’s course <a href="Click here to visit Wild Precious Studios.“>The Elements of Art Journaling opens today! Effy released a couple of bonus lessons to get us inspired and they can be seen here. I worked through the first two bonus videos and loved them. I have already learned alot about my personal connections to the elements just by arting along with Effy on a single page! I can not WAIT to see where this course takes us and I am excited to have my own connections to the elements  become more solid and personal.


Quick, fast and to the point today!

I am off again “riding the wild donkey” as Goddess Leonie and Effy say!  I quite like the term actwally 😀

Big WHOLE HEARTED hugs my Lovlies!!!