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Posted on: June 13, 2011

Last night I was working on a journal page for the new <a href="Click here to visit Wild Precious Studios.“>Elements of Art Journaling with Effy Wild. The course doesn’t even officially startuntil July 1, 2011, but she is alsready releasing BONUS content and I am LOVEING it! This weeks bonus video (which you can see for FREE on youtube) uses the four elements earth, air, water and fire.

From the moment I started watching the video I felt something stir inside me. I adore the way Effy’s page turned out! I liked it so much, in fact, that I decided to recreate it *exactly* as she had instead of my own interpretation. BIG mistake.

I played the video and paused it after the first step. I followed those steps *exactly* in my art journal then realized I didn’t want to have my Elements pages in that journal. I want to have all of my elements pages in a seperate *new* journal. So, I swirled the paint around a bit and moved to the new journal.

I started again, following Effy’s steps exactly (only making one exception of rearranging the order of colors slightly) and got as far as step four before I realized I was HATING the page.  Something just felt “off” about it, plus it was very sloppy looking. So, I stamped a few images over the top and started yet again!

This time, I knew I had to make a few more changes. Effy uses the magical triangular symbols for each element on her page and those symbols mean nothing to me (even though I am Pagan.) When I work with the elements I use the words. I like to see the actual words. Once I began to see the WORDS on my page, I found myself chanting them as I was writing them and feeling MUCH more connected to the page. I also adjusted the arrangement of the writing and stamped words, plus I stamped images into the palms instead of making mandalas.

I cannot even express how much I LOVE this page.  I love my interpretation even more than the original, which I thought was FABULOUS!  🙂   I am so glad I was brave enough to keep starting over until it felt right.  I think that’s the point of Effy’s Elements course. It’s not about doing what she does, the way SHE does it. It’s about taking the elements and interpreting them in a way that speaks to YOU.

If I am getting this much out of the FREE bonus pre-class party, I can only imagine how deep we are going to get once the course is in full swing 🙂


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Great job! Lookie at those Mandellas! I think I spy with my little eye….stickles!

Thanks Scatter! I’ll tell you a little secret, those mandalas… are a stamp… shhhhhhhh. I just colored it in with gel pens 😀

Ah, your secret is safe with me! They look great. Gel pens are awesome!

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