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Getting DEEP in my art journal

Posted on: May 29, 2011

For almost a year now I have been on a journey.  Ackschully, several journeys, but that is another story. The journey I speak of now is with my art journal.

I first heard the term “art journal”  from my dear friend Effy Wild. (You may know her as the den mama from the fabulous  Wild Precious.)

At first she was just talking about this art thing she was doing and I thought it sounded cool, but I didn’t think of myself as an artist, so I didn’t bother to check it out. THEN, she started sharing photos. THAT got my attention. She was showing such amazing pages and yet she still just called it PLAYING. How could such beautiful work, be play??? I decided I HAD to learn more about art journaling.

Effy has been an inspiration to me this entire year, sharing new techniques, praising fellow journalers, linking videos and even creating a home and community for kindred souls to connect and share our stories.

I have never been one to think of myself as an artist, but that is starting to change. I am absolutely comfortable calling myself an “art journaler” and that is in great part to the family I have made at Wild Precious. The women I have met there are all inspiring, uplifting and kind and I am truly grateful for them in my life.

Effy has made sure that the site is well rounded and there is something for everyone. Along with art journaling prompts and videos, there is a photography group, a poetry group and even mandala making! Every group is healing in some way and Effy’s newest baby is sure to be no less than powerful. Beginning July 1 (registration begins June 1) Effy will present her very first art e-course called The Elements of Art Journaling. I am so excited! She is even offering one lucky creative a FREE spot!

Even though Effy is very much about the glitter, she is also very much about the deep and this course is all about the deep.  It is going to take your soul on a journey through all five elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit and Effy will be there to guide you the entire way. I cannot WAIT to sign up for this course! I feel like I have just begun to scratch the surface of my inner deep and I need this course to push me even further. I want to be able to dive straight to my core and leave it all on the page. I still feel like I am holding back in an effort to make my pages “pretty” or “perfect” and, knowing Effy the way I do, I know this course will help me push past those boundries and get to my inner deep.

I will be at Wild Precious on June 1 with bells on, I hope to see you there!


4 Responses to "Getting DEEP in my art journal"

Well my goodness! Somebody’s template looks familiar (snicker, snort).
Congratulations on your new blog. I shall go be your first subscriber!
How is your dear husband. Thinking of him this holiday.

*giggles* Sorry, they only have a few I liked 🙂
My Hubby is doing very well, thank you ❤ I will pass along your message to him.

Nicely put Eddie I share your appreciation of what Effy’s given to us she our great inspirer and the Wild Precious sanctuary an amazing part my life’s journey.

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